Mehul Choksi’s Chandigarh connection: Was declared absconder by a local court last year

The Hush Post: Accused alongside Nirav Modi in the multi-crore rupees Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud, Mehul Choksi was last year declared an absconder by a Chandigarh

Mehul Choksi was also declared absconder by Chandigarh court last year.

court. Gitanjli CMD Choksi was accused in a 1-crore rupees cheque bounce case along with firm Director Shiv Raman Nayar and authorized signatory Vipul Chaitalia. The three didn’t appear before the court after which the court had declared them absconders. The court had also attached the bank account from which the cheque was issued.

Complainant Pranshu Gupta of Tara Jewellers had come into Choksi’s contact in January 2012 when he was given a franchise by his firm. Pranshu and his partner Rajat Gupta were offered a store in Sector-22 by the accused citing problems running it. Pranshu and Rajat took over the store after depositing an amount of Rs. 1 crore as security.

Pranshu in his complaint had stated that the terms and conditions of Choksi’s company were not genuine and he had to suffer huge losses. He then abandoned the franchise and asked Choksi to return the security deposit.

After repeated attempts, Pranshu finally received three cheques at different intervals – one of Rs. 30 lakhs and two of 35 lakhs each- in year 2014. The cheques were issued from a private bank branch in Mumbai’s Nirman Point. When Pranshu Gupta tired to bank the cheques, they were dishonoured.  Pranshu then lodged a complaint with Chandigarh SSP via public window and then moved the court. Choksi and the co- accused didn’t appear before the court and were declared absconders.


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