Met 2019 Goes Camping: Best Looks from this Year’s Gala


Anusha Sharma- The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute hosts an annual fundraising gala in New York with the finest in attendance. The Met Gala is always theme bound; a theme that’s woven into the costumes donned by the celebrities. This in turn gives way to a multitude of interpretations and versions that show up on the iconic pink carpet; some hitting the spot and others missing the mark.

This year’s Gala was defined by the somewhat ambiguous yet intriguing theme of “Camp: Notes On Fashion”. To provide a little context, the theme takes cues from a 1964 essay, Notes on ‘Camps’, by Susan Sontag. It describes it as “love of the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration”.

Simply put, Camp could be seen as something outlandish and theatrical that’s also ironical and self-aware in its sensibilities. Much like obedient disciples, the fashion fraternity took the premise seriously and dressed to the hilt to mark the occasion. Here, we list out our favorite looks from the Gala that managed to get the most eyeballs:



It would be criminal not to start the list with Lady Gaga who kicked off the gala with great panache. Lady Gaga packed in a 16 minute grand entrance as she pulled out four outfits one after another. She started off with a pink Brandon Maxwell gown with a magnificent train. She followed it up by shedding it for a solid black gown and then a pink gown. For the final act, she stepped out in a black two piece set complete with high heeled boots and fishnets. No wonder, she has all of us going ‘gaga’ over her!


Jared Leto didn’t come to play and it showed. Dressed head to toe in Gucci, he accessorized his outfit with a wax replica of his own head! Yes, you read that right. This look was a nod to the Gucci showcase at the Milan Fashion Week last fall that did something similar. This not so subtle and cheeky look had heads turning the entire time(pun totally intended). On top of that, it also ticks almost all the boxes under the Camp theme. Needless to say, this was a sure shot winner in our eyes.


The ‘ Fantastic Beasts’ star’s look was mind bending, detailed and intricate. The theatricality and sheer effort put in was at full display. Aiming for an optical illusion, the young actor first made an appearance wearing a white cape over his outfit and a mask on his face. He moved on to reveal his Burberry pinstriped suit underneath with a pair of brogues. But that’s not all. The highlight of his look was a set of multiple pairs of eyes painted on his face. Not only was the look exceptional, but the flair with which he carried himself on the carpet escalated it.



Wearing a Cinderella inspired shimmery ball gown from Tommy Hilfiger, Zendaya made an entrance straight out of a fairytale. Stylist Law Roach accompanied her and played the role of her Fairy Godmother. The duo carried out a small act wherein Roach waved a magic wand to light up the dress. Zendaya went on to “accidentally” leave her glass slipper on the stairs, thus indulging in her Cinderella moment fully. The look also marked a symbolic departure from her ‘Disney’ days. According to Roach, “It’s almost like this is the last hoorah and the last time people will identify her as a Disney princess- which isn’t a bad thing.” Well, her magical ensemble definitely had us under the spell.


Billy Porter made an entrance no less than royalty. Known for his gender fluid, flamboyant attires, the performer was in full form at the Gala. Dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh, he was brought in on a plank carried by a group of chiseled men. Porter then went on to descend on to the stairs and spread his wings; quite literally! The magnificent gold of his costume was opulent and heavenly. The getup was ridiculously extra but in a good way. We can’t help but awe at Billy Porter’s sincerity at keeping up with the Camp theme. Now, that’s how you make a statement.


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