#MeToo Movement: Now, author Suhel Seth accused of sexually harassing two women

#MeToo Movement: Now, author Suhel Seth accused of sexually harassing two women
#MeToo Movement: Now, author Suhel Seth accused of sexually harassing two women

A freelance Journalist Mandakini Gahlot has alleged that Seth forcibly kissed her in public in 2011. A female film director Natashja Rathore said he groped her in his Gurugram apartment

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As the #MeToo Movement is gaining momentum in India, now author Suhel Seth has come in the line of fire. Two women have accused that Seth sexually harassed them several years ago.

These two women accused Seth, who is also a public relations consultant, of sexually harassing them, a report said.

A freelance journalist Mandakini Gahlot said Seth forcibly kissed her publicly in July 2011 during a conference in Goa. “I do not remember what he [Seth] said. But I will never forget that he laughed, and even worse the people in that group laughed,” Gahlot said. “In the end, I did not file a complaint – for so many reasons. I was too young, trying desperately to rise in my career and Suhel [Seth] was too powerful to take on. Like other women, I also brushed off the incident and often said, it doesn’t bother me in any way.”

A 33-year-old Gahlot has an over 11 years of experience as a freelance journalist. Gahlot said she had read anonymous accounts on social media describing alleged sexual harassment by Seth. “People were debating whether to believe the anonymous accounts,” Scroll.in quoted Gahlot as saying. “I had no trouble believing them because of my own experience. That’s when I decided to speak up and name him.”

Film director Natashja Rathore tweeted to accuse Seth of taking her to his Gurugram apartment and kissing and groping her. “I am not doing this for publicity,” Rathore tweeted. She said she is not doing this for money. Rathore said she is not doing this to malign a person. “I am doing this solely to empower other women to directly confront the perpetrator. It’s hard – but it’s about time.”

Seth had reportedly refuted the third sexual harassment claim made by an anonymous accuser on Tuesday. He told The Quint that he was not in Mumbai when she claimed the incident occurred, the report said.


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