Shimla, The Hush Post: Two marriage parties had to go back home disheartened without a bride in two separate cases of child marriage in Himachal Pradesh. The district child welfare wing stopped one of the marriage parties going from Chuari in Chamba to Amb in Una. The district child welfare branch, Chamba had received information about a marriage party going to Una for the marriage ceremony which was to take place on Saturday. Another team of the district child welfare authority reached the would-be bride’s house. They convinced the parents about the illegality of the marriage. The SHO accompanying the team took in writing from the girl’s family that they will not marry their daughter before she turns 18. In the second instance, the bridegroom was to come from Lidhali village in   Haryana to the bride’s house in Salani village at Nahan where the child line team along with the child welfare committee and the police reached before the bridegroom to stop the marriage from being solemnised. The girl was found to be 16 years old. Her mother and grandmother cited poverty as the reason for her early marriage.  In both the cases, it was found the girl’s age was less than the marriageable age as per the law which is 18 years. The girl could be sent to a shelter home, the child line staff said. The bridegroom’s family was conveyed about the stopping of the marriage over phone.

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