The Hush Post: Indian government officials visiting gurdwaras in their official capacity have been banned entry in 14 gurdwaras of Ontario province, Canada. The decision was taken at a meeting held by Ontario Gurdwaras Committee at Gurdwara Jot Parkash in Brampton.

The representatives of more than a dozen gurdwaras in Ontario have reportedly decided to bar Indian officials’ entry to gurdwaras when visiting in official capacity.

“The presence of these officials makes members of the Sikh community uncomfortable due to their agenda of undermining the autonomy of Sikh institutions and organisations. It is our obligation to ensure the safety of the Sangat, and accordingly we have arrived at this decision,” a news report quoted in a statement issued by these Sikh representatives.

However, back home a DSGMC (Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee office bearer Manjit Singh GK on a local news channel said, “We cannot stop anybody from entering ‘gurughar’, we are only the caretakers”.

Gurpreet Singh Bal, president of the Dixie gurdwara, Mississauga clarified that the ban was not applicable on those officials visiting gurdwaras in their personal capacity, added the report. Various Sikh hardliners including advocacy group ‘Sikhs for Justice’ have welcomed the decision.

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