OPINIONMAKERS@The Hush Post: In this hill state, December normally meant people would

Jagdish Bali is a columnist & author of a motivational book — The Spark is Within You.

invariably ask one question looking skywards: When will it snow ? But this year that question has taken a backseat. The most asked question is: Aur fir 18 ko kiski sarkar bana rahe ho bhai?  Whatever be the place, whoever be the people, this is what they ask nowadays, apart from a good morning or a good evening. With 18th December just days away, the beep of the EVM is once again being felt not only in the ears of the candidates but in the ears of the common folks. Freezing cold of December, notwithstanding, the political fever seems to be defeating it. Be it a stroll on the mall, slurping coffee, sipping tea in a dhaba or a ride in a bus, December 18 is the day they have a date with. From labourers, babus, teachers, engineers, doctors, businessmen, bureaucrats to folks in the village chaupal or any other rendezvous. The big question is who is winning, which topi – green or maroon, which symbol — Hand or Lotus. To bet for one’s pride, there is an expression in Hindi — Muchh daaw par lagana – when translated, it loosely means, to put ones moustache at stake. This is the oft repeated idiom on the Mall Road, apart from the second most used – if my candidate loses, I will drink water in your shoe. It’s that time when for a change rats talk about the plight of the cat. And it’s that time as well, when the candidates feel the heat in this chill of the winter. No surprise they are caught moving about briskly to and fro on the balconies of their houses or the nearby parks submerged in worries and tension. The unprecedented long wait after the poll conjoined with the uncertainty of the outcome is now becoming breath-breaking for them. In such situations, blood pressure may go either way – it may shoot up or dip down and doctors say both the conditions are not good signs from the point of view of health.

Who wins and who loses will be decided by the beeps of the control unit (CU) of the EVM on the much-awaited December 18th. Many losers will own responsibility and resign owing to moral grounds. Yes of course, many will kick the EVM branding it as always, hacked.

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