The Hush Post: With New Year and Christmas around, party time is round the corner in the City Beautiful. If you are attending a party or a wedding there is one major point of concern for the residents. The concern is — How drunk are you while driving? If you are, you could be in for a major trouble. From now onward, one could lose his driving licence for six months if found driving after getting tipsy. Two days ago, the Chandigarh Police issued challans to 69 drunk drivers during a two-hour drive. Those fined could lose their driving licence for six months. But that’s not all. The Chandigarh Police is planning to increase the regularity of nakas in the times to come. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, a drunk driver can be sent to six months of jail or Rs. 2,000 fine or both for the first offence. There is a provision of two years jail or Rs. 3,000 fine or both for second or subsequent offence within three years of the previous offence.

Chandigarh courts have mostly sentenced the erring drivers of this kind till the rising of the court, but now besides jail police have also started recommending suspension of driving licences, according to the recommendations of the road safety committee of the Supreme Court. The UT police have been using mobile teams for random checking and shift the barricades quite suddenly. Sometimes, these nakas keep changing every hour.

In our country, the permissible blood alcohol content is 30mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. Figures could vary, but an average male can stay within the legal limit if he consumes one beer (equivalent to 660ml), or one large whisky peg (60ml).


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