The Hush Post: Born into a Bengali-Hindu family and an Arsenal fan, Siddartha Dhar, who was a British national, with devout Hindu parents is on the key ISIS rolls. Dhar converted to Islam and now has taken the name of Abu Rumaysah. Earlier, he led an organisation called Al Muhajiroun.

Yesterday, the US placed this man of Indian-origin on the global terrorists list, a designation that allows the government to impose sanctions and freeze assets and property owned by him. He skipped a bail in the UK four years ago in 2014 and flew to Syria with his wife and a child. Dhar’s wife is Aisha and he has four children.

In Syria he joined the ISIS. Later, he was appointed a senior commander of ISIS. It is believed that he is a replacement for the dreaded executioner Mohammad Enwazi, who was killed in a drone attack in 2015.

He first came into the limelight when in September 2014, Dhar gave a lecture praising Adolf Hitler for trying to crush the Jews. He later said in a programme on the BBC that he wanted every woman in England covered from top to bottom and not an inch should be visible except for the eye.

According to Nihad Barakat, a Yazidi teenager held as a sex slave by ISIS, Dhar was instrumental in abducting her to Mosul.
Another person designated as a global terrorist by the US along with Dhar is Belgian-Moroccan citizen Abdelatif Gaini.

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