Aam aadmi’s chai-pakora costs Rs 10 and government sponsored tea cost over Rs 68 lakh in nine months?

The Hush Post: Answer to an RTI request, the Uttarakhand BJP government’s tea time spending, might force a common man a rethink. Headed by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, the government has spent over Rs 68 lakh in nine months on tea and snacks. With no choice but to answer,  the state government in its response to the RTI query, said “68 lakh, 59 thousand and 865 rupees have been spent”. The money has been spent by ministers and other officials in entertaining guests, specifically on tea and snacks, it said.
“Such expenses are natural but if they go beyond a limit then it is a matter of concern. Janata Darbar and official meetings take place at the chief minister’s office. Uttarakhand chief minister will take cognizance of it,” BJP’s Virender Bisht told news agency ANI.
This is not something new, the earlier Harish Rawat led Congress government had spent nearly Rs 1.5 crore between February 2014 and July 2016 on tea and breakfast.

In neighbouring Uttar Pradesh in 2016, the then chief minister Akhilesh Yadav had informed the Assembly that almost Rs 9 crore was spent on tea, samosas and gulab jamuns by a minister over four years.

The RTI request sent by an activist, Hemant Singh Gaunia, in Dehradun on December 19, 2017, had sought details on the money spent on tea and snacks ever since the new BJP government was sworn in on March 18 last year.

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