After Priya Prakash Varrier’s eyebrow dance, now a Chinese reporter’s eye roll goes viral on internet: WATCH VIDEO

As the clip spreads like wildfire on internet, Chinese authorities try to block the hysteria about the journo

The Hush Post: It was exactly a month back when budding actress Priya Prakash Varrier had set the internet and social media on fire with just the wink of her eye and eyebrow dance. Now, exactly a month later a Chinese journalist has similarly set the internet world on fire with her eye-roll.

This Chinese female journalist Liang Xiangyi has become an overnight sensation in China. Her dramatic and very obvious and exasperated eye-roll she gave to a fellow journalist at a press conference has gone viral in China when it was broadcast live, the NDTV reported on Wednesday.

A report on the NDTV online stated that the two journalists were part of the press conference following the annual meeting of China’s National People’s Congress, where questions are known to be screened and pre-approved. The journalist dressed in red, identified as Zhang Huijun from American Multimedia Television (AMTV), asked a long-winding question, laced with praise for government’s initiatives. The channel is known to have a tie-up with China’s State broadcaster, CCTV. Liang Xiangyi, who stood beside her, couldn’t help but express her disdain. As Zhang Huijun went on and on for nearly 40 seconds, Liang Xiangyi didn’t hide how unimpressed she was, as she dramatically rolled her eyes and looked away with disgust, the report said.

Within hours, her expressions became the talk of China’s internet space, reported Shanghaiist.

Memes, GIFs, cartoons and parody videos of the priceless TV moment soon popped up on the Internet. Chinese social media was divided into blue and red camps for the two journalists, it was reported.

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