Model offering sex lessons amidst unending hollering & screaming arrested; says, “Know something about Trump”

Offering sex lessons to tourists, 21-year-old Belarusian model said she had a lot to tell about Trump arrested by immigration police in Pataya

Belarus model arrested in Pataya for offering sex lessons.Belarus model

The Hush Post: A model from Belarus Anastasia Vashukevich has been detained in Pataya, the holiday destination of Thailand. She was caught teaching sex lessons to male tourists. While sex lessons may not be a thing of concern, the point of concern was she was working without a valid permit.

Anastasia Vashukevick, who had liaison with the higher and mighty arrested in Thailand.

At the time immigration police caught her, about 40 tourists who wore T-shirts with the word ‘Sex animator’ embossed on it and carrying lewd pictures were listening to her lecture. The arrest happened after the hotel staff complained of multiple unending screams and sighing.  21-year-old Anastasia, a model is known for her extraordinary selfies which catapulted her to fame on the social media recently.

The incident took a volatile political twist after she revealed that she had something to say involving United States President Donald Trump and Russian billionaires.

Apparently the model who has been on the brink of breaking news has refused to do so until she is given absolute freedom. The model acquired fame after an oligarch sought a court order that she removed their videos and picture together in an undisclosed location on a yacht.

Another model from The Netherlands, Ninouk Akkerman, has steadily risen ranks in the modelling world despite a degree in neuroscience and cell biology. Ninouk is right now concentrating on the Paris Fashion Week.

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