Bengaluru police commissioner saluting a young school boy

The Hush Post: It was a moment to cherish one that could inspire many in the police force caught on camera. When a schoolboy walked past the police commissioner of Bengaluru T Suneel Kumar and saluted him, he immediately returned the favour. The police officer, who was leaving Mallya Hospital in Bengaluru accompanied by colleagues immediately stopped and saluted in return.


The video has now become viral on social media. It has been shared more than 1,600 times.
The video is of importance particularly due to the image khaki has acquired in the country.The officer giving respect to the young child has been appreciated throughout the country.

“Great officer. Although ur (sic) in a dignified position, ur (sic) salute to a citizen(boy) has made me speechless. Hats off to u (sic) Sir,” wrote an anonymous man.
Another one said, “That’s really what we would love to see in our city… Respect for each other.” T Suneel Kumar was appointed Bengaluru’s police chief in August 2017.

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