BJP’s Vineet Joshi issues point-by-point rebuttal to Punjab forest minister Dharamsot’s allegations

Minister acting as a puppet in hands of forest mafia, he doesn’t even have an iota of understating about PLPA, 1900, claims Joshi

Punjab BJP secretary Vineet Joshi. -Photo

The Hush Post, Chandigarh: Punjab BJP secretary Vineet Joshi on Monday strongly hit back at Punjab Forest Minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot stating that the state forest minister was playing politics with the poor farmers of Kandi area and acting as puppet in the hands of forest mafia. Joshi was reacting to the allegations levelled by Dharamsot in a press release issued on Sunday.

“Though I can dexterously prove that Dharamsot doesn’t even have an iota of understating about PLPA, 1900, but it will consume much of precious time and pages. Hence, as of today I will dwell only on his press release dated 4th of February,” he said.

In a point-by-point rebuttal, Joshi took a dig at Dharamsot saying, “Here is a forest minister of Punjab who doesn’t even know the full form of PLPA 1900. In para 1, line 2 and paragraph 2, line 3 of his press note, Dharamsot mentions the full form of PLPA, 1900 as ‘Punjab Land Protection Act-1900 (PLPA)’, while it should have been Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1990. Then in the same paragraph the forest minister talks about loss of forestry and protection of wild life, little knowing that this act has nothing to do with them.”

Negating Dharamsot’s claims, Joshi said, “By writing ‘was framed with the purpose to protect certain regions adjoining Shivalik Hills from Choes or hill torrents flowing through the forests and thus ensuring their protection’ in para 2, line 3; and, ‘is very effective in a localized and limited area whose purpose is to stop loss of forestry, focusing on a forestation and besides this, securing villages adjoining Shivalik hills from onslaught of Choes” in para 3, line 5, Dharamsot has established that he is oblivious of the legislative amendment brought about in the Act in 1942, whereby this Act, besides covering the regions adjoining Shivalik Hills, was made applicable to whole of Punjab.”

Continuing with his counter-charge, the BJP state secretary said, “In the para 3, line 2 Dharamsot says, ‘PLPA is framed with the intention of stopping the extinction of forests because of deboisement’ and in the para 4, line 3, he says ‘restrictions which are necessary for protecting maintenance and safe keeping of forests’. But again, little does he know that Section 3 of the Old Act was substituted by a 1942 amendment to provide for conservation of sub-soil water and/or prevention of erosion. By way of this amendment the words ‘deboisement of Forest within that range’ were also omitted”.

Joshi further said, “Para 4, line 6 of the release says, ‘He also divulged that the Congress Government has got delisted 56000 acre’. Here too Dharamsot has faltered as delisting was done on the orders of Supreme Court not suo moto by the then Congress government.”

Lambasting Dharamsot Joshi said, “It is him who is issuing senseless statements. With 380 farmers committing suicide in the last 10 months of Congress rule, I need not tell who has, and is still, using farmers as a pawn.”

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