Sikh girl converted to Islam & then wanted to join ISIS, suspicious teacher informed her parents, now she is in jail

The Hush Post:  This time, it is a Brit-Sikh girl named Sandeep Samra who had converted to Islam three years ago and wanted to be part of the ISIS. At present, she is under detention.

18-year-old Sandeep Samra, a Brtiish-Sikh, who is under arrest and wanted to join ISIS in Syria.

This 18-year-old girl almost tricked her teacher into counter-signing photographs for a passport application so that she could fly to Syria. In Syria she wanted to join ISIS network, a Birmingham court was informed.
Samra wanted to work as a para-medic and be part of the medical corp of ISIS. While she was arrested last year, her arrest didn’t make headlines. Now the Indian community in England, know of her arrest.

In the meanwhile, she has accepted her guilt in the court and has also said that she wanted to engage with the terrorists.
She still longs to go to Syria. “I want to go, Inshallah if it’s still possible – at least our nurses can help soldiers and stuff, I really want to go,” she said in one of her messages produced in the court. In her conversation, words like ‘infidels’ is used often for people who believe in other religions.
Samra had applied for passport in September 2015. But her teachers grew suspicious of her and her family was informed about it and the whole thing became open.

The kind of people Samra had for company tells clearly that she was headed for death. She was speaking to some six people in 2015 and the same set of people in 2017, said Sarah Whitehouse in the court.

In between, Samra also considered going to India or Dubai to continue her nursing studies. However, was that a ploy to head to Syria, is still a matter of investigation.


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