Couple arrested for beheading baby as sacrifice during ‘super blue blood moon’

The Hush Post: In a bizarre incident a couple in Hyderabad beheaded a baby as human sacrifice on super blue blood moon that happened on January 31. The couple has  been arrested by the Hyderabad police, Zee Media reported on Friday.

The Hyderabad police said that a cab driver Kerukonda Rajasekhar had performed the rituals along with his wife Srilatha on being told so by a self-styled godman (tantric).

Couple arrested for beheading baby as sacrifice during 'super blue blood moon'
The couple (with faces masked) in police custody. The couple had allegedly beheaded a baby as sacrifice during ‘super blue blood moon’. Photo courtesy Zee Media.

The police said that ”the couple was not keeping well for some time and on the advice of some black magician, took this drastic step.”

The authorities came to know about the incident when the head of the baby girl was spotted on the terrace of the cab driver’s house in Hyderabad’s Uppal area on February 1. An FIR was registered and the investigation was initiated in the matter, the police said

During the investigation, the accused even tried to mislead the police by narrating different stories, but the DNA test revealed the truth, the Hyderabad Police chief said.

The accused had allegedly abducted the baby girl while she was asleep beside her parents on a footpath. He also took the feeding bottle with nipple along with the baby for using it in black magic rituals.

Rajasekhar took the baby to Musi river near Prathapsingaram and beheaded her.

He later dumped the torso into the river and carried the head in a polythene bag to home to perform the “kshudra pooja” (black magic).

Both husband and wife performed the rituals in the living room of their residence, keeping the severed head at the altar.

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