The Hush Post: The BJP has accused Rahul Gandhi of deliberately twisting Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s name by spelling it as Jaitlie in his tweet. A BJP lawmaker, who on Thursday moved a notice in parliament against the Congress president has alleged.
Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu is looking into the fact as to whether Rahul Gandhi deliberately misspelt Jaitley’s name to ridicule him.
The question many are asking is why no one moves a privilege motion to ascertain whether the PM actually meant to question the commitment to this nation of either former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or former vice president Hamid Ansari.

“The notice given by Bhupendra Yadav regarding a privilege motion is before me. I have to examine it and then take a view. I will go through the privilege motion and take an appropriate decision,” Naidu said in the Rajya Sabha yesterday.
The tweet was posted on Wednesday, hours after the government and the opposition worked out a truce to end the daily protests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments implying a conspiracy between Congress leaders and Pakistan to defeat the BJP in Gujarat.
As part of the pact, Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha: “The Prime Minister in his speeches didn’t question, nor meant to question the commitment to this nation of either former PM Manmohan Singh or former Vice President Hamid Ansari, any such perception is erroneous, we hold these leaders in high esteem, as well as their commitment to India.”

Hours later, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Dear Mr Jaitlie – thank you for reminding India that our PM never means what he says or says what he means.”

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