‘If you don’t let us cheat we will not appear in exams,’ syndrome led to drop in what UP govt thought was temple visiting tourists in February

What was thought to be temple tourism, now it has come to light was a result of UP’s easy ‘exam-pass formula,’ which included mass copying, impersonation, etc and high pass percentage.

UP board witness thinning attendance after check on mass copying as a result tourism figures too suffer.
UP board witness thinning attendance after check on mass copying as a result tourism figures too suffer.

The Hush Post: Hotels and dharamsalas in Uttar Pradesh used to witness a surge in occupancy in the month of February. People did relate it to temple visiting tourism. But this February, occupancy in hotels and dharamsalas has gone down. But along with it, an unusual patrern has emerged. More than six lakh students who were to appear in higher and secnior secondary exams of the Uttar Pradesh board suddenly dissappeared. Out of a total of 66 lakh students who had registered for the exams, six lakh did not appear in the first three days.

Reason: There was a crackdown on the education mafia in the state as a result of which they withdrew. About 80 per cent of the students who had to appear were from outside the state. They enrolled in the schools they had never attended and the schools which do not have teachers to teach.

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Board has said that the students exiting, after tough measures were taken was on expected lines. As per the board’s estimates about 6,33,000 students did not write exam in the first three days.  Of these, about 3,80,000 were high school students, and about 2,53,000 were to appear in intermediate class. If the same trend continues, the exam drop-out may go up further by the time the exams finish.

It is being attributed to the UP’s cheating mafia being rendered helpless after the government cocked a snook at them. The biggest measure taken by the government has been the installation of CCTV cameras at schools. As a result of this, the number of registrations and drop-outs have increased this year as opposed to the last.
The Uttar Pradesh board exams began February 6 onwards.

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