The Hush Post: Apart from the satellite images of a shadow of a tall man and no telephone wire to a huge house, the man instrumental in helping CIA nail Osama bin Laden is currently languishing in Pakistan jail?  Dr Shakil Afridi is in jail for the past seven years.

Afridi used a false hepatitis vaccination programme to get the DNA samples from bin Laden’s children. Once done, Osama’s location was found, almost confirmed. However, he hasn’t been charged with trying to get bin Laden killed. He has been accused under the tribal law alleging he aided militants in the Khyber tribal region.

Dr Afridi helped CIA run a false medical camp in Abbotabad to ascertain Osama Bin Laden’s presence in the city. Afridi was the chief surgeon at Jamrud Hospital in northwestern Khyber tribal region. People became suspicious of Afridi due to his long absence from work. The accusations against Afridi were of possessing half-dozen WHO cooler boxes without anyone’s knowledge. The containers are for inoculation campaigns, but no immunisation drives were on in Abbottabad at the time he had them in his possession.

However, there are allegations that Afridi was an actual agent of CIA and was caught crossing the border while trying to flee the country after the raids that killed Osama. Now he is undergoing 33 years of imprisonment for treason, which initially was believed to be owing to helping the CIA with raid on Osama’s house but later for having links with a warlord called Mangal Bagh.

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