Forensic experts to verify documents of students applying in DU colleges

The Hush Post: More and more colleges in Delhi are hiring forensic professionals to weed out applications based on fake marksheets and certificates. For this year’s admission season, the Delhi University has formally asked its affiliate colleges to hire forensic experts in the wake of a series of forged document rackets having been unearthed in recent years. Although Ramjas College was the first one to engage forensic experts in 2013, colleges such as Kalindi, Dyal Singh and Sri Venkateswara employed a company that provides forensic expertise in the academic year 2016-17.

The forensic experts use infrared light for invisible writing to show up on documents. They examine paper quality and thickness through a stereo microscope. Ultraviolet light is used to see fluorescent marking and fluorescent thread, and locate micro-lettering through magnifying hand lens.
Some colleges take the help of former students with post-graduate diploma in forensic science as interns for finding out fake documents, like in SGTB Khalsa College. Employing forensic experts does help in keeping cheaters at bay, say college sources.

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