To avenge Gounder’s death, Jaipal gang warns Punjab CM, “You could meet Beant Singh’s fate,” Shera gang says, “We will kill six of your men”

The Hush Post: Gangster Vicky Gounder alias Harjinder Singh Bhullar’s cremation took place at his native village Sarawan Boldan on Sunday.  27-year-old Gounder was killed along with Prema Lahoriya and Buddha in an encounter with Punjab Police on January 26 at the Punjab Rajasthan border.

Slain gangster Vicky Gounder’s body being taken to the cremation ground.

Large number of people turned up for his cremation at Sarawan Bodlan. Gounder’s sisters embellished the body of Gounder by tying a sehra on it before he was taken to the cremation ground. As was expected that large number of people would turn up, the police had made elaborate arrangements of security to prevent any untoward incident at the cremation ground. There was an apprehension that some stray incident might take place during Gounder’s cremation.

Meanwhile, Shera Khuban group has warned the Punjab Police that they will avenge the killing of Gounder, Lahoriya and Buddha. They have said that they will return the favours by doubling up the number of killings and kill six Punjab police personal. According to Daily Post, another gang called the Jaipal Bhullar gang has gone to the extent of threatening Capt Amarinder Singh and said, that why doesn’t he realise that he could meet the same fate as the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh. It is important to note that in the month of December Gounder himself had threatened the Chief Minister as a result of which it is believed that Punjab Police went all out after the gangster.



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