PNB BANK FRAUD: Who is Gokulnath Shetty? Why was he in such hurry to issue LoU? Why was he adhesed to his chair? Why did he not take promotions?

CBI arrest three people in the PNB Rs 11,000 crore fraud.
CBI arrest three people in the PNB Rs 11,000 crore fraud.

The Hush Post: Gokulnath Shetty was a man in a hurry. In fact, more in hurry than the alleged fraud Nirav Modi. If Nirav wanted LoU Letter of Undertaking, Gokulnath nearing retirement was more than willing to issue. Who is Gokulnath Shetty? Gokulnath looks serious, and has a squint in one eye. He is a Kannadiga. Gokul, who grew up in Mangalore was discreetly aspirational, openly frugal which means he saved a lot of money. He came to Mumbai for studies in his younger days. PNB and his seniors took him seriously and more importantly, he still happens to be part of Bankers Disciplinary Action Cases. He was also interested in real estate projects. Gokul owned an upmarket Rustomjee Ozone complex in Mumbai, where he lives. But he also had flats at Dombivli and Palaya. Another co-accused Manoj Kharat was relatively new to the bank and joined in 2014 as clerk.


He was adhesed to the chair as Mary to her lambs & his seniors thought he was immersed in his job


Gokulnath Shetty, the man accused in issuing Letter of Understaking to Nirav Modi’s company for loan access enjoyed the cosy comfort of the chair allotted to him at the Punjab National Bank branch in Mumbai. He sat here on this chair for seven long years. He was due for transfer in 2013 and due for promotion on two occasions but didn’t take it or manipulated it. After all, an increment of a few thousand rupees more post-promotion would be nothing compared to the business transactions he helped Nirav Modi with. No one knows the quid pro quo or what he got in return.

Gokul had level 5 passwords

As per the fresh details after the CBI questioning, Shetty had level 5 password access of SWIFT messaging system. These messages were from time to time shared with branches of other banks abroad and at times these passwords were even shared with employees of Nirav Modi’s company staff. Now the data that is available reveals, that the Rs 11,300-crore fraud, happened because 143 Letters of Undertaking were issued in just less than 70 days, from March, 2017. Gokulnath retired in May last year. Between March and May in a period of two months, the SWIFT transfer happened with such brazenness that as many as dozen LoUs were issued in a single day on some days.

PNB asked Modi’s brother to pay but he was arrogant

The senior Punjab National Bank officials, before filing a complaint regarding the scam asked Nirav Modi’s brother to pay. However, Modi’s brother simply said that he didn’t have that much money. The bank officials again spoke to him at a later date and requested him to return the money. However, Modi’s brother spoke arrogantly to the bank officials after which the PNB approached the CBI.

Fresh FIRs against Mehul Choksi

Fresh FIRs were registered against Nirav Modi’s uncle Mehul Choksi in connection with the Rs 11,000-crore fraud. The FIRs were registered in Bengaluru and Delhi.


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