The Hush Post: It is a bizarre case of an adult-like crime by a child. A four-year-old school girl’s private parts were badly wounded by her classmate in a Delhi school with a pencil and his finger, at the time when there was no teacher in the class in a private school. The police have taken note of the case but are consulting experts since a child below seven years cannot be legally held responsible for the act. According to the child’s mother, the incident happened in the washroom and later in the classroom. She said that her daughter was in a lot of pain when she came home. The paediatrician who examined the child has also confirmed injury to the private parts.
The mother says, her private parts were violently touched first in the washroom and then this child sharpened his pencil and wounded her private parts with it in the class. The CCTV footage pretty much is similar to the girl’s account since it shows that she is the last one to come out of the classroom.
In three months, this is the second such incident of extreme child rage. Seven-year-old boy, Pradyuman Thakur, who was found murdered in the toilet of Ryan International school in Gurgaon was also murdered by a fellow student for a frivolous reason.

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