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The Hush Post: Federal New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu are together for life. He knew she’s going to say ‘yes,’ yet it was arranged like it should be for a man of Jagmeet Singh’s stature. So as Singh and Gurkiran Sidhu walked, friends broke into a cheerful noise. Then Singh took out a ring and got down on his knees to pop the question, and she said a coy “Yes.” Singh let the Canadians peek a little into his utterly private life as the photos of Singh kissing Sidhu went viral on social media on Tuesday night.

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38-year-old Singh let Gurkiran know at a privately organised function on Tuesday that he liked her. While it did seem like a surprise, people say it was a surprise to Gurkiran as well as he went down on his knees in front of a crowd, though, mostly friends and family but the Canadian press as well. Gurkiran is a fashion designer-cum-businesswoman.

Singh, who was elected federal NDP leader in October, had had rumours of his engagement earlier as well. At that point, Singh had refused to confirm that he was in any relationship.

After slipping the ring to where it belonged, the couple walked and Sidhu screamed as if on a rooftop, “Everyone, I’m engaged!”

Gurkiran is one of the founders of jangiiro, which calls itself an avant-garde Sikh clothing line.

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