Man books ride to North Korea via Ola

The Hushpost: In a very humorous case, a Bengaluru student managed to book an Ola ride to (hold your breath) North Korea.

And that was not all. The estimated fare of the ride as per the company was a whopping Rs 1.4 lakh.  The cab company even sent driver details for the estimated five day road trip.

21-year-old Prashant Shahi was in for a surprise when he managed to a book a cab ride via Ola from his home in Bengaluru to South Pyongan, North Korea. The student says the realisation that it was even possible to do so was totally by chance.

According to screenshots shared by the student, the cab company confirmed the ride and even sent driver details to the rider. The estimated fare for the five day road trip was a whopping Rs. 1,49,088. The student shared screenshots of the glitch with his friends before tweeting the issue to the cab company. His tweet failed to get a response.

Ola only responded when another tweet by a person named Rohit Menda reached them. Responding to tweets, the cab company said it was a technical glitch and restarting the phone would solve the problem.

But as many pointed out, the glitch still existed as they shared screenshots of similar road trips they managed to book to far off lands including Norway, North Korea, Australia and Canada among others.

This isn’t the first time a technical glitch has amused Ola cab riders. Last year, a Mumbai man was mistakenly billed 149 crores for a one minute ride.

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