A colleague writes to another an officially stamped letter to return matchbox with 19 matchsticks inside

Official letter written for returning a matchbox.
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The Hush Post: It is a letter written in all seriousness but it has become quite a joke. Sushil Kumar, an assistant engineer in the electricity urban test division of Moradabad wrote an officially stamped letter to his colleague Mohit Pant on February 1. Little did he realise that it will go viral on social media.

In the letter, Sushil titled the subject as following: “For not returning the matchbox borrowed on January 23.” Then he wrote with a copy marked to the superintendent: “A matchbox which was kept in the office to light Mortein (mosquito coils) was borrowed by you at 8.40 pm on Tuesday, January 23. It had 19 matchsticks. But, as a matter of deep sorrow, even after a week, the matchbox has not been returned, causing unspeakable miseries to the staff, especially in evening.”

He further wrote, “You are directed to kindly ensure that the matchbox be returned within three days of the receipt of this letter.  Also, it should be ensured that no confrontational situation is borne out of this dispute and mutual faith is restored among co-workers. In a situation contrary to one desired, you will solely be responsible for any official action.”

The letter was addressed to Mohit Pant who didn’t like it. I came to know about it on Friday when my colleagues started calling me. I later received a copy of the letter on WhatsApp.

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