A day before the Military Literature Festival.

The Hush Post: The picturesque Lake Club, at Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, is all set to witness a historic and unique showcase of intellectual and military excellence on December 8-9. With the inauguration of India’s first Military Literature Festival – a joint initiative of Punjab Government and Chandigarh Administration, backed by the Indian Army Western Command – a new chapter will be unveiled in blending literary excellence with military prowess. The highlights of Day 1 are panel discussions with participants such as Punjab Governor VPS Badnore, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, as well as senior journalists including Editor-in-Chief of The Tribune Dr. Harish Khare, Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi.

Speakers at the various discussions will include Lt Gen T.S. Shergill, Lt Gen A. Mukherjee, Lt Gen Parveen Bakshi, Lt Gen J. S. Bajwa, G. Parthasarthy, Vice Adm Satish Soni, Lt Gen Aditya Singh, Lt Gen Mohinder Puri, Lt Gen Depinder Singh, Lt Gen J.S. Dhillon, Maj Gen Sheonan Singh, Thomas Fraser, Alan Jefferys, Ed Haynes, professor Reema Hooja, Pushpinder Singh Chopra, Lt Gen K. J. Singh, Lt Gen Bhopinder Singh, Lt Gen DDS Sandhu.

A countdown to Military Literature Festival which begins tomorrow.

At Venue A (Peshawar 1834 – Jamrud 1837), discussions on First Kashmir War 1947 – 48, Kargil War 1999, Defensive Battles of Rajasthan,  Use of Air Power in the 1971 War and Counter Insurgency Operations in Jammu and Kashmir will be held, while sessions at Venue B (Kashmir 1819 –  Ladakh 1834)  will include Strategic Perspective–China, IPKF in Sri Lanka, Role of Indian Armed Forces in World War II, Military Heroes and 1857 – First War of Independence.

At Venue C (Multan 1818), discussions will take place tomorrow on Shape & Contours of the Indian Navy of the future, Military Inspection by Vir Sanghvi – An Interactive session with military Historians and Authors, Indian Military and Society, and The Joys & Dilemmas of Being a Military Family.

At Venue D (Saragarhi Samvad), over 1,200 children, drawn mainly from the rural areas surrounding the tri-city, will also engage in a “samvaad” with the war veterans. Children will get the opportunity of meeting the Param Veer Chakra winners including Captain Bana Singh, Subedar Yogender Yadav and Naib Sudedar Sanjay Kumar.

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