MRI machine pulls in a man with oxygen cylinder, dies within 15 minutes

The Hush Post:  A man in his 30s died after he got magnetically pulled into an MRI machine. According to an eyewitness, the victim Rajesh Maru walked into the MRI room at the BYL Nair Charitable hospital with an oxygen cylinder to help his relative breathe. The man and the machine both were immediately sucked into the MRI machine. Those accompanying Maru and the ward boys somehow pulled him out of the machine but his body had swollen and he started bleeding profusely. He was then rushed to the emergency ward where he died within 15 minutes. The incident has been reported from Mumbai.
Meanwhile, an FIR has been registered against the hospital and investigations are on.

Maru’s mother was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Maru was with her at the hospital. They were waiting for the doctor outside the MRI room, when a ward boy attached to the ICU told them to take the oxygen cylinder inside. Even though Maru told him that they had been advised against it, the ward boy said that it was a daily affair with them and the cylinder was already switched off and will make no difference. Nobody stopped us including the doctor and other hospital staff there. But as soon as Maru entered with the cylinder, they found out the machine was on and Maru immediately got pulled into the MRI machine violently.

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