The Hush Post: In a country resplendent with VIP culture and where even lives have been lost on roads due to delay in movement of common man because of VIP cavalcades, two Noida policemen who were in charge of piloting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cavalcade during the Magenta line inauguration had to face suspension for negligence for straying from the planned route, which is being seen as a major security lapse. UP Chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath, who was also present along with the PM, took notice of the breach and pulled up Noida police officers for negligence. The security lapse happened between 2.35 pm and 3 pm on December 25 afternoon when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on way to the Botanical Garden helipad from the Amity University campus, where he delivered an address to mark the launch of metro’s Magenta Line between Noida and south Delhi. After his speech, the PM left Amity University at 2.35 pm. To reach the helipad, 6 km away, the cavalcade was supposed to take the service lane of the expressway. But Singh and Jaipal drove on to the main expressway instead of taking the earlier left turn. As a result, the PM reached the helipad 10 minutes after he was supposed to.

The cavalcade remained on the expressway for 200 metres before it turned back into its original route, senior officials said.The anti-demolition vehicle was at the head of the cavalcade, followed by a warning van, a pilot car and then the cavalcade of dignitaries. The warning van and pilot car took the anti-demolition vehicle’s route and the entire convoy followed suit. An IPS officer and two DSPs were also attached to the movement of PM’s convoy. Officials said the route had been rehearsed, and there was no scope for confusion. Officials said the PM was caught in traffic for two minutes on the expressway because VIP movement had not been planned on that stretch.

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