Last France went mad after Paris killings, this time it was a 70 % price cut on Nutella which made them go mad

Dr Mehak Jonjua, The Hush Post: It was an offer not many could have resisted. So when a supermarket chain slashed the price of the favourite chocolate based brand  Nutella by 70 per cent, it led to a mad-dash situation in the store as customers hunted their favourite brand jar. The store also witnessed long queue’s outside to enter the store. People just wanted to rush in irrespective of banging & putting down other goods on the supermarket shelves. It was like an orgy, one employee in the north eastern town of Forbach said. ‘We were on the verge of calling police.’ Another employee in Revigny-sur-Ornain said, “It was no wonder there was a run on the shelves — 70 per cent off ? That’s a steal.” Many Intermarché supermarkets across France slashed Nutella prices by 70 per cent and there it was Nutella violence.

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