The Hush Post: The condition of Palwal’s psycho killer Naresh Kumar ‘fauji’ is said to be stable after he was operated at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. He had suffered a head injury and was found to have epidural hematoma (EDH), which is an intracranial hemorrhage between the outer membrane of the brain and the skull. His brother Chanderpal Kumar has revealed that Naresh was under depression and the trigger could have been a visit to his in-laws’ house the night on which the series of killings took place.

“The previous night he had a verbal altercation with his in-laws. His wife has not been living with him for the last six years. Whenever he goes to his flat, his wife goes away to her parents’ house”.

He appealed for a SIT inquiry into the gory incident and raised apprehensions as to whether the killings were done by his brother or he had been implicated in the case. When asked why he thought his brother was not the culprit , he said CCTV footage showed that he had an iron rod in his hand, but nobody saw him killing anybody. There were no signs of crying or yelling or anything of that sort, he said.

Naresh Kumar had allegedly bludgeoned six people to death in a Palwal hospital in Haryana.

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