Yewle tea-stall owner is Narendra Modi of the business world, earns Rs 12-lakh per month more than most IIT & IIM fresh grads

Navnath Yewle is a tea-stall owner from Pune, who earns more than most engineers, doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants

The Hush Post: Who could have imagined a tea-seller matching the salaries of MBAs and IITians! A tea-seller from Pune has set a benchmark of making Rs 12 lakh per month just by selling tea.

Yewle tea
Yewle Tea stall has set a benchmark for IIT and IIM graduates.

Yewle Tea House has become Pune’s most happening `chai’ joint. Selling around 3,000 to 4,000 cups of tea a day, Navnath Yewle, co-founder of Yewle Tea said: “We are thinking of expanding to around 100 outlets, so this will employ many more people.” Currently, Yewle Tea House has got three centres in the city and every centre has about 12 employees working in it. Navnath also proposes to make Yewle Tea House and international brand soon.

The idea occured to Navnath back in 2011 when he realised India’s love towards chai. “Basically, in 2011, I got the idea of making tea and that I can create a big business by making tea,” he shared. “I saw that in Pune we have Joshi Wadewale, Rohit Wadewala but there was no famous tea brand here.”There are many chai lovers here and most of them don’t get the taste they desire. We studied tea for four years, finalized the quality of tea and decided to make tea into a big brand.”

The news of tea seller Yewle comes weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said during a TV interview that even selling “pakoda” should be seen as an employment. “Unlike ‘pakora’ business. This tea selling business is also creating employment for Indians. This business is growing fast and I’m happy,” Navnath said.

PM Modi used sell tea as a child but went on to become the prime minister of India. Ever since he came to power in 2014, several inspiring tales of tea sellers from across the country have made news. The prime minister has also used his tea selling past as a political weapon to counter opposition leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar, who had mocked Modi’s humble beginnings in 2014.

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