Russian premier Vladimir Putin dipping int an ice-hole at -6 degree Celsius. (Newsweek)

The Hush Post: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s video has gone viral as Putin dips himself into frozen waters of a lake. It was to mark the epiphany, which commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. Putin, who is a communist, is also an Orthodox Christian like millions across the world. Orthodox Christians in Russia observe the feast of the Epiphany on January 19 since they go by the Julian calendar and celebrate Christmas on January 07. Putin attended a liturgy in the Nilov monastery before entering the lake.  The video shows 66-year-old Putin approaching a hole cut into the ice. When Putin went for a dip, the temperature wasn’t really low but enough to kill, if one stays for a while at -6 degree celsius. Putin, who is eighth dan of the black belt in Judo and practises several other forms of martial arts also has a penchant for landing in difficult situations and being in testing circumstances. A fan of Shaolin monks in China, Putin is a keen sportsman and also plays ice-hockey and lacrosse.


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