Rs 1.14 cr looted from HDFC cash van near Adampur, Jalandhar

The Hush Post, Ludhiana:  Armed robbers looted Rs1.14 crore by intercepting an HFDC bank cash van on the Adampur-Bhopur road near Jalandhar. The police immediately got a tip-off and followed the armed robbers, who were separately riding a car and a motorcycle.

When the police tried to stop the car, the only assailant in the car fired at the police and tried to flee the scene. However, the police fired back at him and he was shot in the thigh. The suspect, who has been identified as Ranjit Singh of Lakhanwala, village fell down. He was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital, Jalandhar, where he is stated to be stable.

However, the police could not recover the looted cash since the motorcycle borne assailants rode in a different direction to escape the police when they were chasing the car-borne Ranjit Singh.