The Hush Post: We are far from cracking the Gudiya rape and murder case, because right now the CBI is left with a problem of drawing a chain backwards which begins with Suraj custodial death. But the key question is how and why out of the rest, only Suraj was picked up to a third degree torture. This is a deeper story.In the meanwhile, the CBI has filed the chargesheet in the court against the erring officers. How did it all unfold is a story of an intelligent constable against a careless officer. Dinesh Sharma, the sentry posted at Kotkhai Police station, categorically told IG Zahoor Zaidi that Suraj, accused in the case of Gudiya rape and murder, was not killed by Raju. Despite this disclosure by Dinesh Sharma, the FIR which was registered mentioned Raju to be Suraj’s killer.

CBI has alleged that constable Dinesh Sharma was forced to record a false statement by the seniors. And Dinesh’s statement was that, “Suraj and Raju were being questioned in the police station. After the interrogation, there was a whispering noise between the two as a result Raju started bashing Suraj which ultimately led to his death.”

However, when CBI recorded the statement of Dinesh Sharma, he immediately changed his stand and said quite categorically that ‘Raju did not kill Suraj.’ This meant that earlier he was made to record a false statement otherwise by his senior officers.

Also, the accused Rajinder, Subhash, Lokjan, Suraj and Deepak were taken to Chaila Police Post. There the Theog DSP, Manoj Joshi put his service revolver to the head of an accused Deepak and made him confess that he was involved in the Gudiya rape and murder. The question is why did the cops pin down on Suraj and Deepak out of all the accused?  In the meanwhile, the post mortem report quite clearly states that Suraj had injury marks on his body which suggests custodial killing.

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