Minor raped
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The Hush Post: An extra-marital affair in the Army is a serious misdemeanour. A brigadier lost ten-years of seniority and “a severe reprimand” by a general court martial after the brigadier in one of the cases pleaded guilty of adultery or having an affair with a colonel’s wife during his trial. The brigadier was commanding an infantry brigade meant for the front with China under 33 Corps in Sukna, West Bengal.  In view of an alleged rape in Shimla by a Colonel of a junior colleague’s daughter, the accused may be faced with a serious penalty officially as well, which includes losing seniority, service, etc apart from the civil court trial in the case.

The 21-year-old rape victim was a prey of a break of trust. Anyone would trust her father’s colleague or senior. She thought ‘Colonel Uncle’ as the Indian Express report mentions, and the way the victim addressed the accused, ‘Would help her like he had his daughter.’ Women are facing this problem of trust. Whether it was Gudiya, who too trusted and took the ‘hitch’ while on her way back home or the latest victim, it is increasingly becoming an issue. This college drop-out and a fitness lover wanted to make it big in modelling. She thought her dreams got wings when she met the Colonel at Shimla’s Gaiety Theatre on November 19. Within 24 hours, her world came crashing down.

“Colonel Uncle” according to the Indian Express report and confirmed otherwise is no one other than Colonel PS Grewal, was posted as secretary of the Army-run club arrested for allegedly raping the victim in question. The victim’s father, a Lt Colonel says, he has four children, two sons and two daughters – three of them are biological and she is an adopted daughter.

And he is right, “Anyone would out of trust believe a senior, or a relative because his daughter would be treated like a daughter by a senior colleague.” After all, the victim was excited like anyone else would be if she is assured of connections in the industry she wanted to join. “But this is where she lucked out,” writes a national daily.

In the meanwhile, the 56-year-old army officer has denied the allegations. He said the victim met him on November 19 with her father at the club and later expressed the wish to meet him again in connection with a modelling career in Mumbai. The Colonel has said they exchanged WhatsApp messages and phone calls and she came home, but denied the rape charge, police said. The investigation does reveal that the victim went to Colonel’s place in Longwood a day after they met. She alleged liquor was shoved down her throat and she fell unconscious and on regaining her senses, she found she was unclothed.

The Colonel dropped the victim home in a cab. There, her father invited him for tea, after which he left, probably playing his psychological bit – ‘let’s make-up and forget’ with the victim.


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