Modi ji, ‘maan ki baat’ of the great Indian middle class, listen in

The Hush Post: Prime Minister Narendra Modi rode high on his tech savvy antics and PR tactics in the General elections 2014 and post-2014 responsibility as the Prime minister. There was regular interaction with the public through his social media cell and his personal ‘mann ki baat’. Modi mania seems to be waning if we go by the twitterati trends, which he would not like to brush under the carpet.The twitterati has slammed the budget as #antimiddleclassbudget. Here’s a look at few of the posts:

  • Middle Class Don’t Worry, Modi has got Pakodas & Bamboo for you
  • Salaries of MP’s will be doubled from rs 50,000 to 1,00,000 Constituency allowance increased to rs 70,000 MP’s will get a salary of rs 2.30 lakh per month but bhakts “seh lenge thoda modiji kuch accha hee soccha hoga”
  • This budget is a deliciously feast for corporates in India. The same time it is a well decorated empty box presented for all the citizens other than corporates.
  • Media & BJP had created huge Uproar when Delhi Govt proposed to Hike MLAs Salary but in Absolute Mute Mode on *MPs Salary Doubled by Modi Govt. **P.S. – Delhi MLAs salary hasn’t been hiked, file lying with LG for Ages. All is not bad in this budget.
  • The fact that this might very well be the last budget by the BJP & it’s pseudo-economists is a BIG BIG win!
  • Middle class getting burdened by 1. Demonetization 2. High GST taxes 3. High petrol prices 4. High LPG and food prices 5. 10% Capital Gain Tax. Are these #AccheDin or Kacche Din? makes it painfully clear that BJP swings from caring for super rich to caring for poor. And middle class doesn’t figure in the BJP’s scheme of things.


  1. When was it that human beings worked for others , not for self ? For instance , even Buddha left his kingdom for what? For others ? Not at all. He left his kingdom to find certain answers to the greatest mystery of the world and thereby get bliss or peace for himself through remedy from “Dukh”. When he was successful in finding a remedy for “Dukh” nature of “Sansar” and thereby earn peace , it was for himself. The idea that he shared that remedy with mankind comes next automatically. But fact remains that whatever he did , it was for himself. We must understand life the way Nature has made it and not the way we wish it to be. Tell this writer. Were we consulted as to where and in what form we would like to be born ? We even don’t know where were be before birth , a complete mystery. ” Sansar ki har sei ka ek hi afsana hai , dundh mein aana hai aur dundh mein jana hai” – this was a perfect lesson in movie “Dundh” that was screened way back , probably in seventees. Briefly speaking , if saint or yogi like Buddha were working for self , can a political party be said to be working for others? Just ponder over and enjoy life without confusion.

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