The Hush Post: Two well-connected, RJD workers moneyed and who drive SUVs landed themselves in jail for theft of Rs 10,000. And after the theft, they let the victim Sumit Yadav register an FIR so that they could be arrested.

It was later found out that the two wanted to serve Lalu in prison and deliberately stole money so as to be with their leader and serve him. Now it has come to light, that they are two aides of former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad who are lodged in Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Central Jail after they surrendered in a false case on the same day their boss was convicted of corruption.
Sources said the two plotted to land in trouble, and get themselves jailed in the same prison as Lalu. Madan Yadav, an entrepreneur owns two cowsheds, a big house and a high-end SUV, is in jail on charges of snatching Rs 10,000 from Sumit Yadav, a Ranchi resident. He was allegedly helped by his friend Laxman, who too is in the same jail. Interestingly, the RJD, while refuting that Laxman and Madan were Lalu aides, admitted both are RJD workers.

Police did not doubt Sumit when he lodged an FIR against Madan and Laxman on December 23. But people who know Madan in Ranchi grew suspicious when he suddenly went missing and was later learnt to be in jail for theft of Rs. 10,000, the amount he would religiously and leniently give away in help. Manoj Kumar, a tea-seller who knows Madan, said he was surprised. “Madan is well-connected with good financial back-up.

Madan has been a known Lalu loyalist and has been serving him whenever he’s in Ranchi while Laxman has served as Lalu’s cook. On Tuesday, police decided to probe the December 23 snatching and surrender.

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