People gathered to console the families of the dead sewermen.

The Hush Post: Two sewer men were trapped to death in the upscale Dugri road located Marriot hotel here today in Ludhiana. Those who lost their lives have been identified as Deepak, 22, and Armaan, 18, residents of Ambedkar Nagar. The remaining three were left critical and are currently being treated at Civil Hospital. The ones admitted there have been identified as Sukhwinder aka Sonu, Krish and Sameer. They were first taken to Deepak hospital and later to Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, where their condition is stated to be stable. The incident happened at about 2:30 pm in the afternoon when the two sewer men, now dead, went into the sewerage to clean it. The poisonous gas suddenly started asphyxiating them as a result of stench in the sewer. The other three then went inside to pull them out but they too fell victim to the poisonous gas.  At the time they were pulled out, the two had lost their lives and the three sewer men were critical.

It is, however, not clear whether the five of them wore any safety equipment before going down into the manhole. This is the second such incident as another one happened last year killing two Municipal Corporation employees (sewerage men) in Ludhiana.

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