Shivansh Joshi, left IIT to join the armed forces. He topped the NDA results.

The Hush Post: Premier institutes like the IITs are a birthing place for all the brain drain that has taken place in India. At a time when there is a rat race to join the prestigious IITs, 17-year-old Shivansh Joshi has taken a path less travelled. January 2nd onwards, this bespectacled boy will have a hectic 18 hours a day schedule beginning with a 4:00am morning run. Joshi who was schooled at Little Scholar’s Kashipur near Nainital chose a career in the armed forces rather than the IIT. The Hush Post did a short interview with Shivansh Joshi on the choices he made.

Q. Why did you choose NDA over IIT?

A.It was my passion to join the army since my younger days. I have a lot of respect for the uniform and this is what I can do better than the rest.

Q.Did your parents support you in this decision?

A.My JEE Advanced results came six months ago. My father wanted me to crack the NDA as well and then take an independent decision. The decision to join was mine. So I joined the NDA and thought I will go east rather than head west.

Q.How much time did you give for your studies?

A.I gave a total of four hours of consistent studying. Erratic 10 hours make no sense. You have to be consistent throughout and not go for marathon session and abrupt ends.

Q.What are your hobbies?

A.I play football, I juggle the ball 25 to 30 times to concentrate. I am part of the school team apart from it I like reading. The Alchemist and The monk who sold his Ferrari are my best reads.

Q.How did you achieve the feat without tuitions?

A.With the help of your teachers it is possible. The basics have to be clear and that journey begins early rather than at the eleventh hour.

Q.What do you have to say about the students who somehow find it difficult to shore up subjects like physics and maths for competitive exams?

A.If one is not good enough, institutes like the IITs now also offer degrees in Social Studies with scientific concepts of the subject at hand. IIT Madras offers Social Studies and IIT Kanpur offers bachelor’s degree in Economics.

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