5 men including BJP leader watch “Drishyam” then execute plot to kill woman; bury dog to mislead probe


The Hush Post|13:30 pm|2-min-read

Five persons, including a 65-year-old MP BJP leader Jagdish Karotiya and his three sons, were arrested for allegedly killing a 22-year-old woman Congress worker in 2016. According to the police, the murder was planned according to the script of the Hindi film Drishyam. In the movie, the police are misled by a killer who plants a dog’s body in a place where the police expect to find human remains.

Harinarayanchari Mishra, Deputy inspector general of police (Indore) said, the police had arrested BJP functionary Jagdish Karotia (65), his sons Ajay (36), Vijay (38) and Vinay (31) and their friend Neelesh Kashyap (28) for the murder of Twinkle Dagre (22).

He said Dagre was allegedly having an illicit relationship with Jagdish Karotiya. This was causing trouble in the Jagdish family as the woman wanted to stay with him.

Mishra said, “Due to family discord, Karotiya and his sons plotted to kill Twinkle Dagre. They strangulated her on October 16, 2016 and later burnt her body.” The DIG said police recovered a bracelet. Some other ornaments were also recovered from the place where the woman’s body was burnt.

“We have come to know that the accused had watched the film “Drishyam” before planning the murder. Inspired by a movie scene, they buried the body of a dog at one place. They spread the word that someone had buried a human body in this pit,” he said.

“When the police dug up the pit, the remains of the dog were recovered. This kind of misled police investigation,” he said.

DIG Mishra said the clues they found over the months were so contradictory. Meanwhile, they had to go for the Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS) test of three of the accused. Also the test of Dagre’s parents was taken, before they could arrive at the truth.

BEOS profiling is referred to as ‘brain fingerprinting’, in which a suspect’s participation in a crime is detected by eliciting electrophysiological impulses.

However, further investigation is underway, he said.


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