Rahul Gandhi wants to change his name!! MP man doesn’t get loan, SIM card because of his name

The Hush Post|13:00 pm|1-min-read|
Surname Gandhi has become a problem for a man named Rahul Gandhi, a resident of Akhand Nagar in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
He has been running from bank to bank but no one is willing to give him a loan to do business. Even telecom operators have refused to issue him a sim card because of his name. Even the authorities have refused to grant him a driving license. Tired of this, Rahul Gandhi has now decided to change his last name to Malviya so that people no longer make fun of him and he faces no obstacle in obtaining important documents.
Rahul told mediapersons, “I have an Aadhaar card as the only document of my identity. When I furnish a copy of this document to purchase a mobile SIM card or for any other work, people consider me a fake person because of my name. They look at me with suspicion”. When I introduce myself to unknown people over phone, they consider me a fake caller”.
Rahul told that top officials of the BSF used to address his father late Rajesh Malviya, who had worked as a washerman in the paramilitary force, as “Gandhi”. Hence, Gandhi became the identity of his family. “My name was enrolled as Rahul Gandhi instead of Rahul Malviya when I was admitted to school,” he said.
Those who do not know him from before refuse to believe him when he introduces himself as Rahul Gandhi. They even call him a liar.


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