Can one seek divorce for not being served tasty food or the wife waking up late? Read news on Mumbai court orders

Can you seek divorce for ‘bad food’ or the wife not waking up in time? 

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The Hush Post: A man sought divorce from his wife because she wouldn’t wake up in time and also didn’t cook good food. The Mumbai High Court has dismissed his plea.
A bench comprising Justice KK Tated and Justice Sarang Kotwal upheld an earlier order which was given by the family court against the plea filed by a man belonging to Mumbai’s Santa Cruz. The bench in its ruling said that the allegations did not amount to any kind of cruelty.

As per the observations, the wife of the petitioner who was a working woman had the added burden of buying groceries from provision stores, cooking for him and his parents, and doing sundry jobs.

The bench passed the orders on Wednesday while hearing the plea filed by the petitioner.
As part of the evidence, the petitioner had got his statement endorsed by his father’s statement in the court, but it did not stand its ground.  The petitioner said that after work his wife would return at 6 pm, go straight to sleep, and cook dinner at 8.30 pm.
Also that she didn’t cook tasty food and sufficient in quantity and also never spent time with petitioner.

On the other hand, the wife said that before going to work, she used to cook food for the entire family. Against her husband’s petition, she submitted the statements of neighbour and certain relatives. The neighbour and relatives testified that whenever they visited her, she was extremely busy with one thing or the other. On the contrary, her husband and her in-laws ill-treated her. The bench while giving relief to the wife of the petitioner ruled that in the given circumstances, this was the best that she could offer to the petitioner and the family and that the plea for divorce stood cancelled.


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