Posing as Indian, Pakistani man responds to matrimonial site; threatens woman as she says no to marriage

The Hush Post: Posing as an Indian, a Pakistani man responded to a matrimonial ad. When a woman from Mumbai realised that she had been duped, she refused his proposal for marriage and it angered the Pakistani man who threatened to kill her.

The victim woman had got a request from a Pakistani man through a matrimonial site and he had claimed to be an Indian-based doctor working in London. He had said that he hails from Nagpur and after the termination of his contract, he would come back to India, a report said.

As per the complainant, the man always used to ask her questions pertaining to her choices and hobbies but was always reluctant to answer her queries. Smelling a rat, the woman made a call to the hospital in London and found that he was not even an employee there, the report said.

Then the complainant came to know about his original identity when he shared his photos of himself and his identity card of the hospital he claimed to have worked with. In one photo, the woman noticed a contact number of a photo studio, it was reported.

Then she called up that number which was picked up by a friend of the Pakistani man. He told her that the man whom she was talking to for so long was a Pakistani and that he was already married with three children, the report said.

Sensing that she had been duped, the woman while having a conversation with the Pakistani national rejected his marriage proposal, following which he threatened to kill her.

The complaint, currently freelancing at a famous five-star hotel, then lodged a complaint with the Versova Police.

Taking note of her complaint, the Versova Police have registered a non-cognizable offence in the matter, the report said.

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