Delhi man who opens door for delivery boy, shot dead, turns out a gang had come to kill him

Amit Kochhar

The Hush Post| 10:03 am |one-minute-read|

Thirty-five-year-old man was killed outside his house in Vikaspuri in the wee hours of Friday when he thought that he was opening door for a delivery boy and it turned out to be a gangster.

The deceased has been identified as Amit Kochhar, who is a property dealer. He lived with his wife at his Vikaspuri residence.

Kochhar was at his residence with two friends on Thursday night, while his wife was at work. Kochhar and his friends had ordered food online. When the door bell rang after some time, they mistook it for the delivery boy.

As Kochhar opened the door, he was dragged outside his house by some goons. He was pushed inside a car and shot dead.

Kochhar’s friends were present inside the house when Kochhar was murdered right outside.

Soon after they heard the gunshots, they rushed outside only to find Amit Kochhar in an unconscious state. Kochhar’s friends then rushed his body to the DDU hospital where he was declared dead.

Police are investigating the matter. Kochhar’s friends are also being questioned, police said.

The police also recovered CCTV footage, however, the culprits are yet to be traced.

The reason behind the murder is not known. Police said, “Motive behind the murder will be clear once the accused are held. His friends are also being questioned.”


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