Muslim men chant ‘Ram naam Satya,’ help Hindu family in the cremation of their daughter


The Hush Post|One- minute read|02:05 PM

Muslim men chanting Ram naam satya hai and carrying the bier of a Hindu girl to the cremation ground. The incident took place in Varanasi’s Harhua Deeh area. The girl named Soni lost her life in a fight with Malaria on Sunday. Soni’s brother is the only earning member in the family as his father got paralyzed a year ago and her mother is a heart patient.

Muslim men living in their neighborhood came to Soni’s house and assured her family not to worry about the cremation.

They made all the arrangements and carried the bier on their shoulders to the Manikarnika Ghat for cremation. Some of the Muslim men were wearing their skull caps.

According to the Hindu tradition, they chanted ‘Ram naam satya hai’, along the way. Also, some of them gave financial assistance to Soni’s brother.

Shakeel, one of those helpful Muslim men said, “Yehi satya hai (This is the truth). This is the finality of life but we continue to fight among ourselves on petty issues.”


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