Muslims can’t grow beard in China, forced to shear-off |Details inside

Muslims without beards

The Hush Post| 8:16 pm|one-minute-read|

Muslims in China cannot grow beard. At least that is what one can make out, going by what the Chinese authorities are doing in Xinjiang region. The Chinese are getting beards of devout Muslims sheared at barbershops.

Growing a beard, visiting foreign websites and going to the mosque were some of the reasons used by Chinese authorities to detain Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang region. This is as per the leaked official documents showed.

The documents further revealed that religion is a major reason for detentions. However, Chinese authorities have claimed that political extremism is the major reason for detentions in Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is the homeland of the Uighurs, a traditionally Muslim group who say they face discrimination. The Chinese government blames the violence on Islamist militants and separatists.

But rights groups say the unrest is more a reaction to repressive policies, and argue that the new measures may end up pushing some Uighurs into extremism.

  • Uighurs are ethnically Turkish Muslims
  • They are about 45% of Xinjiang’s population; 40% are Han Chinese
  • China re-established control in 1949 after crushing the short-lived state of East Turkestan
  • Since then, there has been large-scale immigration of Han Chinese



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