PM Narendra Modi turns 69 | Life and times of PM Modi through pictures

Narendra Modi

PM Modi undertook a three-month course in the United States on ‘Image Management and Public Relations’

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Introduced to the RSS at the age of eight, having to mop as the first things-to-do at the RSS shakha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached far on a road less travelled. He traversed his own path on this long journey. His is a story of enjoying the journey rather than waiting to reach the destination. Though, the journey has been full of controversies, highs and lows. Here is PM Modi’s pictures from his childhood and his past on his 69th birthday.

Narendra Modi
As a child, he wanted to join the Indian Army.

Modi enjoyed all the attention for his rhetorics, and his teachers and students applauded him for this. Modi preferred playing larger-than-life characters in theatrical productions. His theatrical skills are quite evident even today while he gives speeches, modulates his tone, gestures as the situation demands.

Narendra Modi in school
A keen debater at school, he had an interest in theatre and was not too much into academics. 

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In 1971 he became a full-time worker for the RSS. During Emergency days in 1975, Modi was forced to go into hiding.

Narendra Modi on Bike
A different avatar of PM Modi.

He disguised himself as a Sikh to escape arrest during emergency

In 1978 Modi received a BA degree in Political Science from Open University from Delhi graduating with a third class. Five years later, in 1983, he received his MA degree in Political Science from Gujarat University in first class as a distance education learning student.

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He had published a Gujarati book titled Jyotipunj in 2008.  Modi has authored eight other books, mostly containing short stories for children.


Modi left home after finishing high-school after his marriage was fixed to Jashodaben Chimanlal. They never stayed together, but are legally wed.

He publicly acknowledged his marriage many decades later only in 2014 when he stood for the 2014 general elections.

Born on 17 September 1950, Narendra Modi is the first-ever Prime Minister to be born in an Independent India.Related image

Narendra Modi RSS
He changed his looks to a Sikh gentleman during hiding in Emergency days.

During his 13 years of tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he never took even a single holiday.

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What makes Modi a brand. Well, he undertook a three-month course in the United States on ‘Image Management and Public Relations’ and has been successful in branding himself as a powerful leader in India and abroad.


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