NASA releases Ultra HD images of Sun; Scientists view magnetic plasma threads for the first time

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NASA has released new, never before seen Ultra HD image of the Sun. This first ever image of Sun reveals presence of magnetic plasma threads in solar atmosphere. The scientists have been able to view these threads for the first time.

According to NASA, these threads are up to 500 kilometres wide. They  are part of what constitutes the devastating solar storms, the ones that give us the beautiful aurora borealis.

NASA took the pictures with the help of High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C), a sub-orbital space telescope. The Hi-C takes ultra high definition photographs of the solar surface.

The incredibly fine magnetic threads are present on the violently turbulent solar surface. They are filled with plasma flowing through them at a million degrees heat.

Scientists at NASA say that they have for the first time managed to get a glimpse of a granular element of solar storms. The imagery will help mankind better understand the behaviour and composition of the highly magnetised solar atmosphere, and find other elements that it has.

The Hi-C is one of the most powerful telescopes in the world. Hi-C can pick out objects that are just 70km wide on the solar surface, or just 0.01 percent of the Sun’s size.  The telescope is helping researchers in fetching more data to understand stellar behavior.


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