The Hush Post, New Delhi: In some bad news for Punjab, the health of the state is not doing wonders. People should get worried and the state health department should have its ears ringing. In a report ‘Disease burden trends in the states of India 1990 to 2016’ released by the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi, in association with the Public Health Foundation of India, Gurugram, and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Washington, disease burden and risk profile factors of each state have been discussed. The villain in most of the states’ health seems to be cardiovascular diseases.

A cardiac patient being examined by the doctors in the Intensive Care Unit.

In Punjab, which devours on butter chicken, almost half the deaths above 70 years of age (46.6 per cent) and 44.2 percent in the age group of 40-69 years are due to cardiovascular diseases. The next major culprit is cancer (11.5 per cent) and diabetes (10.9 per cent) close in toe in the 40-69 years age group. Going back to the seventy plus age-group, the second and third major reasons for death there are diabetes (11.6 per cent) and chronic respiratory diseases (9.4 per cent) respectively. As of now, respiratory diseases and cancer are lesser health hazards in the country than the deteriorating heart conditions.

In the national capital Delhi, 35.6 percent deaths in 40-69 age group and 43.2 percent deaths in 70 plus age group took place due to cardiovascular diseases. In the same age group, diabetes accounts for 11.6 percent of the total deaths whereas chronic respiratory diseases account for mere 9.5 per cent casualties. It is significant here as Delhiites need to be more worried about diabetes and heart related diseases rather than respiratory problems. Cancer is causing lesser number of deaths with 19.8 per cent in 40-69 age group and 9 per cent in the 70 plus age group dying of the most dreaded disease.

In Haryana, the life expectancy of women has increased from 62.1 years to 71.3 years from 1990 to 2016. The health of the heart is comparatively better in Haryana with 35.3 per cent in 40-69 years age group and 34.1 per cent in the 70 plus age group dying of heart ailments. In 0-14 age group, 37.3 per cent children died of neo-natal disorders better than Delhi (45 per cent), which any day has better health facilities than Haryana.

In Himachal Pradesh, 28.4 per cent of the people above 70 years of age die  due to heart diseases, much less in number than their counterparts in Punjab. While in 40-69 age group, 30.4 per cent of the people die of heart diseases. The younger people definitely need to take a lesson or two from the older generation.

Surprisingly, in the 15-39 years age group, 15.4 per cent of the total deaths are taking place in Himachal Pradesh due to suicide and violence followed by Haryana (13 per cent) while in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab the percentage is lesser at about 9 per cent. Kerala (24.4 per cent) and Jharkhand (22.9 per cent) take the lead in suicide and violence related deaths in the 15-39 age group. Alarming as it may sound, these numbers aren’t serious since they are among the total number of deaths and not population.

The neonatal health is also better in Jammu and Kashmir at 36.4 per cent with Himachal at 40.6 per cent neonatal disorder related deaths. In J&K, 20.9 per cent deaths are due to transport injuries in the 15-39 years age group, while over 35 per cent people above 40 years of age die due to cardiovascular diseases.