Neighbour beheads Dalit girl who turned down his advances

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The Hush Post | 15:08 | 2-minute read

A man in Tamil Nadu allegedly beheaded his teenage neighbour girl who turned down his advances. The 13-year-old victim was a Dalit girl.

The police have arrested accused Dinesh Kumar, a senior police official said. The police have started an investigation after lodging the accused in Salem jail, a report said.

The incident took place in a small village near Attur in Salem district.

The victim’s relatives said in their police complaint that the accused beheaded the minor girl. They have also levelled allegations of sexual misconduct against the accused, the report said.

The cops have dismissed reports that the accused is mentally unstable. As per reports, the deceased teenage girl had turned down the advances of the accused and had informed her mother. The cops said accused Dinesh Kumar beheaded the girl with a sickle.

The victim was a student at a government school. She was the last of three siblings. Her parents are labourers, the report said.


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